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MWPS World provides the Best Online Wind Turbine Brokering Service in the ‘Renewable Energy Market’ worldwide and specialized in Asset Recovery.

Potential customers looking for ‘Renewable Energy’ equipment will see your classifieds on our site and contact us directly about your equipment or service. Use online advertising and online classifieds for your business, product, or service and reach a large audience with a direct interest in ‘Renewable Energy’.

MWPS World Limited provides high response classifieds advertisement and brokering service for sellers of ‘Renewable Energy Equipment’ with a focus on wind turbines.

Hand-Shake-Deal - Wind Turbine Brokering

MWPS World does not offer your product/s at cheap auction prices like many other so-called 'brokers' do in order to achieve a quick sale at your loss, neither do we provide a free and high risk, uncontrolled Buyer connection service. Instead, we will work with you and promote, broker your equipment at its true & realistic current market value free of charge, and only apply a reasonable brokering fee between 5%-7% of the total sales price ONLY on completion of a successful sale.

In some cases and for a small number of specific make & models, MWPS or one of our affiliate partners may consider a purchase of your equipment directly from you. For further information on selling your equipment to MWPS or one of its affiliates directly, please send us an email to

Promoting your equipment at its true current market value will subsequently leave you with a much higher net sales price than you would achieve by selling your equipment to a so-called ‘cash buying’ broker. No fee ever is payable to us for our services unless we successfully find a buyer for your equipment.

Wind Turbine Brokering - Why Sell Through Us

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MWPS World specializes in providing Asset Recovery Services for small, medium, and large wind farm operators. We provide a first-class premium brokering, acquisition, and supply service for sellers and buyers of ‘Renewable Energy Equipment’ alike. Our services enable customers to achieve substantial savings in costs and capital expenditure and significantly improves cash flow through the sale of surplus assets before, during, or after the completion of small, medium, or large scale re-powering projects.

  • No risk for Sellers - Our Marketing campaigns and brokering services are completely free of charge. No fees are due until you are paid
  • Get expert advice and free evaluation of your products true market value
  • Get maximum worldwide exposure of your equipment through our market-leading Page Rank 2 Web Site reaching your target audience
  • Get a page 1 ranking advert in Google and other major Search Engines within hours of us publishing your advert on our ‘Marketplace’
  • Get access to our large number of registered ‘Ready to buy Cash Buyers’ from around the world
  • Achieve the best possible sales price through multiple pre-qualified buyer introductions
  • Prior to introduction, all prospective buyers are taken through a stringent vetting procedure - No more dealings with time wasters and tire-kickers!
  • MWPS facilitates a safe and confident trade from start to finish and assists both seller and buyer through negotiations until the close of the sale
  • The sale of used wind turbine equipment is a very specialized trade. Benefit from our expertise of globally trading in the wind turbine market.

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